Your most valuable training tool

Everyone looks for a magic fix to ‘cure’ their horse problems. Plenty of people will sell you a ‘magic’ halter, stick, lead rope, bit or some other contraption. None of them will really help. No contraption ever invented will teach your horse to be relaxed, confident and ready to learn. I’m going to tell you about the most valuable … Read more

Groupthink in the horse world

Here’s a quote from a scientific magazine. Although it’s written for social psychologists, it also applies to the horse world. ‘Social psychologists, of all academics, should be particularly alert to the dangers of epistemological homogeneity, or groupthink as some prefer to call it. They would be aware of the errors that can pollute the group’s … Read more


Our feedback is both heartwarming and encouraging. I’d like to share this letter that arrived in the mail today.  Dear Neil, Thank  you and your wife, without whom I doubt you could have written us  another book. I can only imagine your frustrations between books. I am  stunned when people comment on our horses / … Read more

Neil’s Book is Unique, by Joan Klenger

  Review Fear-Free Horse Training Every Step of the Way By Joan Klenger We live in a Hurry Up Quick world, moving a million miles a minute.  We are inundated with information, a constant barrage of data, so much detail, in fact, that there isn’t really enough time to stop and think about what we’re … Read more

Horse Behaviour

The biggest problem to overcome in horse training is human behaviour. Humans come up with all sorts of theories and methods, then try to make every horse fit their set lessons. Many people cling to traditional theories and set methods, no matter how their horses react.   Instead of trying to make horses adapt to … Read more

It’s Between You and Your Horse

Many horse trainers make lots of money selling all sorts of gadgets and widgets. You can buy ‘special’ lasso ropes to catch your horse and ‘special’ halters to make him ‘respect’ you. There are the ‘special’ sticks with magic powers, all sorts of bridles to solve all sorts of problems and halters to ‘cure’ a … Read more

Natural Horsemanship

Many horse people like to think they are at one with nature. They feel it’s perfectly natural to chase a horse in a round yard. They have a warm fuzzy feeling about being a member of the horse herd. When their horse eventually faces them or follows them, it appeals to their ‘inner spirit’ to … Read more

Teach Your Horse to Enjoy a Head Rub

People often say “but my horse doesn’t like having his head rubbed”. I know this is true in many cases. No horse likes having his head rubbed when he’s first handled. Every horse will be worried when your hand first comes near his head and ears. If a horse doesn’t like having his head rubbed, … Read more

Fifty Years of Experience With Horses

When I handle their horses, people often say ‘It’s ok for you, you have a special gift.’ This isn’t true. I wasn’t born with any gift for handling horses. I know what I know from a lifetime of riding and handling thousands of different horses. Every horse taught me something and a lot of owners … Read more