How To Be a Noted Horseperson

My wife Christine has been a music teacher ever since she left school. She’s taught hundreds of people to play piano, keyboard, piano accordion and organ. I’d never had much interest in learning a musical instrument until a couple of years ago when Chris arrived home with a $25 tremolo harmonica. I picked it up … Read more


Horsemanship is a word that’s heard a lot these days. It conjures images of immaculate horses competing at the highest level and of ‘important’ horse trainers with cowboy boots, lassoes, chaps and spurs. Sorry to disillusion everyone but horsemanship isn’t reserved for a chosen few. Horsemanship is a word that relates to every man, woman … Read more

Don’t Put Human Values Onto Horses

Every horse person puts human values onto horses in some way, shape or form. We think some horses are better than others and some are prettier than others. We become attached to our horses and then we think that they love us back. We think our horses love to work for us and enjoy competing … Read more

Neil’s Horse Training History

NEIL’S HORSE TRAINING HISTORY By Christine Davies I’ve known Neil since he was twenty and shared his love of horses for all those years. While I rode my nicely trained (by Neil) horse five or six days each week, Neil rode at least eight or nine ‘outside’ horses that came to our stables for training … Read more

The Horse’s Way or The Highway

I’ve seen many of the big name trainers working with horses and I don’t agree with much of what they do or what they say. I don’t agree with harassing horses with ropes and flags or letting horses buck with the saddle or roping their legs or chasing them around until they’re sweating and distressed. … Read more

It’s What You Think That Matters

Your attitude and how you think about horses, is the most important part of horse training. Your ability to handle horses isn’t worth a dime if your underlying thinking is flawed. Here are a few examples: 1. If you think your horse is being bad or naughty on purpose, you’ll punish him for reasons that … Read more

Starting a Horse Under Saddle

Following are some of the remarks people invariably make when they watch me work start a horse under saddle. “That horse is quiet. What happens when you get a wild one?” “I’ve got a colt at home you couldn’t handle like that.” “The youngsters by this stallion all buck and there’s nothing you can do … Read more

Horse Training Home Truths

Here, in no particular order, are a few home truths about horses: 1. It’s always good to ‘pet’ your horse at the appropriate time. Every horse will soon learn to enjoy having his head rubbed. Being nice to your horse doesn’t mean that he’s allowed to push over you or do whatever he pleases. 2. … Read more

Old Wives Tales from the Horse World

Here are some old wives’ tales from the horse world. I’ve heard them over and over, all my life. 1. One white foot, buy him. Two white feet, try him. Three white feet, be on the sly. Four white feet, pass him by. The best horse I’ve ever ridden had four white feet. 2. Chestnut … Read more

Horse Experience

Horses have been part of my life since the day I was born. My father and grandfather worked with cattle and horses all their lives and I, in turn, grew up working with cattle and horses. In my late teens, I started competing in campdrafts. In 1976, when I was twenty, I began training horses … Read more