Fear-free Fundamentals for Every Horse and Rider Online Clinic


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19 video based lessons

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About Neil Davies

For over 50 years Neil has dedicated his to understanding and training horses and now you can take advantage of his knowledge and experience.

Neil has seen it all, from $100 backyard ponies to thoroughbreds worth millions. He's handled thousands of so-called bad, mad and wild horses over the past half century.

His knowledge is original and unique. It’s not something he read or saw or copied from someone else. He knows what he knows from working with so many horses, day after day, month after month and year after year.

“Neil Davies has penned the defining horse training manual for the 21st Century. It will be a very long time – if ever – before a better user manual for horses is written.” 
Colin Dangaard, Malibu, California

Fear Free Fundamentals For Every Horse & Rider Online Clinic

Improve your relationship with your horse

Fear-free Fundamentals Online Clinic features six hours of Neil Davies at his dedicated best. His detailed how-to and why-to explanations of how horses think and learn make this Online Clinic invaluable.

18 lessons packed full of information. More than six hours of video


Lesson 1 with Cheeky: Basic Ground Positions
In this lesson you’ll learn the basic ground rules to teach your horse. You’ll also see how being definite and consistent teaches a horse to relax.

Lesson 2 with Cheeky: The Importance of Forward Movement
In this lesson you’ll learn how to teach any horse to back up on the ground.  How the ground lessons can be used for everyday handling. Teaching your horse to concentrate on you and what you want.

Lesson 3 with Cheeky: On the Road to a Better Attitude
How to overcome resistance. Working on trot to canter and canter to trot transitions. Controlling speed.

Lesson 4 with Cheeky: Lungeing, and Being Definite and Consistent
Teaching a horse to lunge and how confidence and control leads to co-operation and relaxation.

Lesson 5 with Cheeky: A Relaxed Ridden Horse
Standing for saddling. Teaching her to listen and try.

Lesson 6 with Cheeky: Discipline
Why a horse pushes over the handler.  Too much feed and not enough work. Backing up on the ground.

Lesson 1 with EI: Overcoming Resistance and Moving Forward Correctly
Overcoming resistance and beginning to teach EI to move forward correctly.

Lesson 2 with EI: Establishing the Basics
Establishing the Basics on the Ground. Moving where I ask, how I ask.

Lesson 3 with EI: Overcoming Excess Energy
Establishing a frame of mind where the horse can relax and learn.

Lesson 4 with EI: A Relaxed Trot
Achieving a relaxed forward trot. Concentration and controlling speed.

Lesson 5 with EI: Remaining Neutral at All Times
Assessing energy and teaching a horse to concentrate on the ground.

Lesson 6 with EI: Getting Into His Mind and A Lesson with the Rider
Teaching a horse to move exactly how you want, exactly where you want.  A Lesson with Isabel riding EI.

Lesson 1 trailer loading: Stepping over Obstacles
Preparing a horse to load into a trailer. Stepping over obstacles.

Lesson 2 trailer loading: First Steps Into the Trailer
A difficult horse to load. First steps into the trailer.

Lesson 3 trailer loading: Building Confidence
What to do if a horse rushes back.

Lesson 4 trailer loading: What to Look For In a Trailer
Trailer loading Basics. What to look for in a trailer.

Lesson with Peachey: A Basic Ground Lesson
Basic ground lessons for a more relaxed horse.  The tack you need.

The Importance of Ground Positions

Thanks from Neil