Teach your horse to relax

Every horse’s world must be predictable before he can relax. Horses must always know what the outcome of their actions will be. From the very first lesson, I rub every horse’s head. I teach every horse that when he has his head with me it’s a pleasant experience – a rub around his head, neck … Read more

Be Careful What You Reward

When you work with your horse, you must be very careful which behaviours you reward. It’s very easy to reward undesirable behaviours without even knowing that you’ve done so. At a recent campdraft, I watched a lady trotting her horse around in the warm-up area. When her horse slowed down to look at a garbage … Read more

What Really Happens When Your Horse Shies

Many times I’ve seen someone take the rug off their horse and leave it on the arena fence while they ride. When they trot around the arena, the horse takes fright of his own rug and shies as he goes past. Trainers often say ‘He’s gotta get used to it. Let him stop and look … Read more

Horse Back Riding

Horse-back riding conjures up images of a loving relationship between you and a horse, with the two of you cantering off into the sunset in harmonious rapture. People often have visions of horse-back riding where their horse loves to carry them around and obeys every command smoothly and gracefully. Unfortunately, the reality is often very … Read more

How to Overcome Shying

One of the most misunderstood problems that people have with their horse is shying. There are all sorts of old wives tales about why horses shy and what to do about it. Lots of trainers say that the best thing to do for shying is allow the horse to stop and look so he can … Read more

Shying – It’s All About Control

You must have control whenever you ride or handle your horse. Control doesn’t mean being heavy-handed and it doesn’t mean that you have to dominate your horse or show him who’s boss. Control simply means that your horse tries his hardest to work out what you want him to do and he tries his hardest … Read more