A Magic Horse Training Fix

Everyone  who rides or handles horses will have problems at some point. Everyone  has trouble at some stage. You may have a problem cantering on the  correct lead; you may have a problem making your horse go; you may have a  problem making your horse stop…. The list is endless. Sometimes,  problems develop into something … Read more

Excuses, Excuses

I watched a TV show the other night where a film crew followed rodeo contestants through a season of competition. The programme featured bull riders, saddle bronc riders, bareback riders and two barrel racing ladies. One of these ladies had a problem. About half way through the season, her horse started knocking over the second … Read more

Respect and Horse Training

Fear is the biggest factor to overcome when you train horses. It’s very difficult to teach any horse anything at all when he’s frightened. When a horse is frightened and confused, he’ll do whatever it takes to try and escape. This may include kicking, striking, biting, pulling back, rushing away or bucking. These behaviours are … Read more

It’s Always Up To You

Training horses isn’t easy. When you set out to train a horse, the plain fact is that you’re going to have problems at some point. Different problems will arise at different stages with different horses. No two horses have the same experiences and handling. Every horse will react slightly differently in any given situation. You … Read more

Horse Training. It’s as Easy as One Two Three

Horse training isn’t complicated. Your horse concentrates on three simple things, every time you ride or handle him. When you concentrate on the same three things, you’re thinking on the same level as your horse. Understanding this is the key to horse training. Every movement you teach every horse comes back to these three things. … Read more

Horses May Forgive You but they Never Forget

Back in the early 1970s, the Megalong Valley Gymkhana was a horse event not to be missed. The gymkhana ground was just a clearing in the scrub, about two furlongs (400 metres) in length and fifty metres wide. There were flag races, bending races, pick up races and other novelty events. The main events of … Read more

Horse Training it’s not Rocket Science

In every aspect of training, what you want to do must always be more important to your horse than whatever he wants to do. The only way you can ‘fix’ any problem is for your horse to think it’s more important to do what you want than whatever he wants. Your horse must concentrate wholly … Read more

Horse Whisperers

Nothing irks me more than when people call me a Horse Whisperer. Let me say once and for all – I’m not a Horse Whisperer. There are no special gifts or secret magic powers when it comes to training horses. No-one can teach a horse by ‘whispering’ or looking into his eyes. No-one can apply … Read more

Rearing Horses and Other Problems

Many people tell me about the problems they have with their horses. I hear of rearing horses, shying horses, horses that kick up, buck, pull the reins, run home and any number of other issues. People often say, ‘There’s something wrong with my horse. I need someone to fix him.’ Many trainers will tell you … Read more