Pulling back when tied up

Last week, I read an article in an old issue of a prominent horse magazine on tying a horse for the first time. There were graphic photos of a terrified horse pulling back and fighting against a post. The article recommended the use of hobbles and ‘special’ headstalls while the horse pulled back. Here’s my … Read more

How Smart is Your Horse

How Smart is Your Horse? How intelligent is your horse? Are some horses smarter than others? Are humans smarter than horses, or are horses smarter than humans? Horses  think all the time and maybe we should take a hint from that. Yes, horses do think differently to humans. Not less, just differently. If a horse … Read more

Whoa Boy, Whoa

When a horse pulls back, the first thing someone does is yell ‘Whoa boy, whoa’. When a horse bucks or takes fright you hear the same thing, ‘Whoa, boy, whoa’. When a horse falls or becomes tangled in a fence, you hear it again, ‘Whoa, whoa, settle down’. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times. … Read more

How to Teach Your Horse to Tie Up

Lots of horse owners are obsessed with the idea of tying young horses up. One of the first things they do is tie their foals to a post. When the foal pulls and fights, people often say ‘It’s okay, leave him and let him pull. He’ll work it out for himself’. This makes no sense. … Read more

Timing is of the Essence

Your timing is critical in every aspect of horse training. If you’re even a few seconds early or late with your timing, your horse won’t understand what you want and he won’t respond as you think he should. Horses learn only from the immediate result they get. You must correct your horse by making things … Read more