Consider Your Horse

CONSIDER YOUR HORSE By Neil Davies Do you think your horse enjoys it When you tie him up to fight Do you really think he’s happy As he pulls with all his might Do you think your horse is having fun When you chase him from the ground Do you really think he loves it … Read more

Bitless Riding

All around the world, people gain great pleasure from riding and handling their horses. It’s a wonderful feeling when your horse learns to co-operate and try his hardest for you. And I’m sure that the horses enjoy the mental stimulation and the exercise they receive from good training. However, your horse won’t do anything because … Read more

Ten Horse Rules to Remember

1. No matter how old your horse is, take him a treat each day and rub his head. If you do this, he’ll soon look forward to seeing you. Start each lesson by going to your horse and showing him it’s easy and pleasant to be with you. Every horse will learn to enjoy having … Read more

No Ifs Buts or Maybes

People often say, ‘Never say never when it comes to horse training.’ ‘Oh but,’ they say, ‘If you’re having problems, maybe you’ll need to resort to other techniques.’ I beg to disagree. No matter how much trouble you’re having with a horse, here are some things that are NEVER EVER okay to do. It’s never … Read more

Should Mares and Geldings Run Together

q: Do you have any opinions on if it’s better to turn horses out in mixed gender or single gender herds, or does it make no difference? I’ve always had geldings, but have been offered a mare, who has only ever lived with other mares. I could potentially keep her on her own (but nearby) … Read more

A Better Way for Horses

I’ve seen many big name trainers working with horses and I don’t agree with much of what they do or what they say. I don’t agree with harassing horses with ropes and flags, or letting them buck with the saddle, or chasing them until they’re distressed. Every week I get emails from people whose horse … Read more

For Your Horse’s Sake

FOR YOUR HORSE’S SAKE By Neil Davies When you walk into the stable Don’t try to show who’s boss Your horse won’t understand you And he’ll be at a loss Instead, just go and rub his head Be kind, and furthermore When you walk into the stable Leave your ego at the door When you … Read more