Our feedback is both heartwarming and encouraging. I’d like to share this letter that arrived in the mail today.

 Dear Neil,

Thank  you and your wife, without whom I doubt you could have written us  another book.

I can only imagine your frustrations between books. I am  stunned when people comment on our horses / foals confidence, calmness  and tractability and then put it down to breed / luck / colour.

When I  tell them about your excellent (earlier) paperback and my over 20 years success with your method, I get smiled at….

If  it’s simple, people don’t like it.

They want vibrating ropes, ESP and  spirit guides.

If you can’t dazzle with brilliance, baffle them with BS;  shame the horses are the ones that suffer.

In response to questions  like, ‘Do you play the seven games?’ I like to answer with, ‘If this  horse had hands it could play chess and win.’

I have met few horses that  were fools but some of the owners need to look closely at the wastage rate of their chosen four legged friends, although it never seems to be  the DVD’s fault.

I grew up with rope it, drag it to a post and get  the job done.

By the age of twelve I knew this couldn’t be the right  way to go.

Your first book was a breath of fresh air and I’m really, really  looking forward to your new book.

I must admit I try not to have too  much to do with most horse people.

But when I meet an open mind I will  push your method.

But it’s hard when you don’t sell any accessories, have a club to join or an online forum – and to top it all off, you’re an Aussie!

Again, thank you for not giving up on us, from Sue Paterson.