The Neil Davies Story

The Neil Davies story: By Colin Dangaard Neil Davies is quietly but surely revolutionizing the horse world. Neil was rejected by every major publishing house in the world, after writing a book capturing a life working with horses in rural Australia. Too unusual, they said. Not what people want. The knowledge is unrecognizable, they said. … Read more

A Catchy Poem

By Neil Davies When you cannot catch a horse It’s hard to keep your cool You get so close, he walks away And makes you feel a fool Some say each horse must come to you “Chase him, make him move Be the boss, don’t give up You’ve got a point to prove” Forget the … Read more

Sue Fyfe Starting her Horse

Hi NeilThanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I have your book and both the foal handling and starting under saddle videos which I followed as closely as I could. My little colt had attitude and was a biter and kicker right from his first week but we got through that. He’s now 2 and … Read more