Which Halter Should I Use?

My recent visit to the US made me realise how ingrained bad training ideas have become.

Unfortunately, so many of these beliefs are accepted far and wide.

Ideas like you must become your horse’s leader and you must gain his respect have been marketed for the last thirty years.

Thinking like this leads to many people using unnecessary pressure and pain on their horse.

One of the main culprits is the use of nylon rope halters, designed with special knots that apply pressure on a horse’s head.

These halters have become so widespread that it’s unusual to see a horse without one.

Many people have made small fortunes selling these ‘magic’ halters.

Everywhere I went and every horse I worked with, the first thing I did was swap their rope halter for my plain old-style halter.

Rope halters are instruments of torture and they’re never needed to control any horse.

Why on earth would anyone want to use a device designed to inflict pain on their horse?

Why would anyone want to inflict pressure and pain on a horse’s nose, forehead, jaw or around his eyes and ears?

Pressure and pain are never the answer to overcoming horse problems.

It’s time to put your horse’s well-being above fads and fashion.

It’s time to forget what others think and put your horse’s welfare first.

If you really like your horse and you care for him, stop using rope halters.

If you really want your horse to like you and trust you, stop using rope halters.

Throw them away.

You don’t need them.

And your horse will thank you for it.