Vireena Peacock

Hi Neil,
I took receipt of your book this week and read it cover to cover in two days. Your methodology clicked with me immediately.
I bought the book for two reasons, one – I don’t believe in using fear when dealing with any sentient being – people, dogs or horses and two – my pony had started to shy in the arena at lines in the sand.
Friday I took my pony (he is almost 10) through the foal handling first four steps – he responded beautifully.
Yesterday I had a lesson in the arena with the trainer and watched for the pre-shying cues you wrote about and gave him something else to think about/ made him focus on me. After two shying interventions- preventing a shy before it really happened – he stopped trying.
Today I rode him again – I was ready – but he didn’t try.
He’s a smart pony and I had clearly taught him to shy.
I can’t thank you enough for sharing your years of wisdom and translating it into such simple, practical steps. You have helped me turn a pony that I was riding with trepidation into one that I can’t wait to ride. I have my joy of riding back.
I can’t thank you enough! Best regards, Vireena