Julie Elsner

Dear Neil, I truly want to thank you for sharing your way of being with the horses. My horses and I are now on our way to a trusting, relaxed relationship. Today was incredible! Using your methods and being very careful not to scare my horses we had the most fun and relaxing time together. I kept the sessions short. After my fourth horse, I walked back out in the pasture to thank them all. They all came up, so nice to see them happy and content in my company. I’m from the USA, as you know, all of the trainers here teach desensitization….a lot of scaring your horse…just terrible. My horses are beautiful, sensitive beings. What you have taught me is to be clear in what I want, take my time and listen to my horses. This has taken the worry and concern from my horses. Thanks to you I am on the path to gaining my horses trust where they can count on my behavior 100%. Thank you Neil! I’ve been searching for this for a long time. I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy! Much appreciation, Julie