Dee N Silver

There was a time when I didn’t know any better and I was shown way that made me sad and uncomfortable in my heart for the horse. So I searched long and hard to find a better way. My boy silver was only 5 months old when I learned of Neil Davies. He’s now 4 years old and not once has he ever troubled me. I read the chapters one by one, taught my horse each step and each chapter as instructed. I am totally happy and amazed with the things I can do. And the things I never trained for, as would be other training methods. It seems I didn’t train my horse at all. I now have a trusted mount, willing to do anything I ask of him, even if he has not seen or done it before. All those toys used for training are just not needed, if your horse trusts and believes you. That’s what you get from learning a better way… a horse that trusts you and you can trust that willing horse.