Candace Keach

I have been reading his book Fear-free Horse Training – every step of the way. I love his approach and training methods. I have been using them with my 8yr old quarter horse who came to me with a lot of issues. Every time we work together, using Neil’s methods, I can feel Journey softening, responding, and becoming more trustworthy. This horse of mine is very special – he needed patience and kindness to move him forward and trainers that he had been to in the past just didn’t have the time to invest in him the way he needed it. So to make him the horse I need him to be I just needed to do it on my own. I didn’t have the experience on my own so I researched and looked at all kinds of trainers videos, read forums, joined webinars and other various medias. But when I saw a Neil Davies videos I knew this was the way to go with my guy. Thank you, Neil, for such a great book.