Teach your horse to mooove forward

The same theory applies to your horse. Instead of cow; think horse.

If you want to move a  horse or cow forward, you must apply pressure on his rear end in the ‘flight zone’.

Pressure in front of the ‘point of balance’ will  move a horse or cow backwards.

This is a very simple concept.

However, most horse people try to teach a horse to lead by standing in  front of him and applying pressure on his head by pulling on the  headstall.

Many trainers advocate the use of ‘special’ headstalls and  contraptions to apply extra pressure on the horse’s head, nose and poll.

They also advocate the use of a short stick –

far too short to reach  the ‘flight zone’.

Therefore, the horse still doesn’t understand  to move forward.

There’s a huge amount of pressure and pain around  a horse’s head, nose and ears when he pulls back.

Whenever you see a  horse pulling back, think about the diagram.

All the pressure is in  front of the ‘point of balance’ and therefore, the horse’s natural  reaction is to move backwards and fight.

To teach a horse to lead  confidently and tie up confidently, pressure must be applied at his rear  end, in the ‘flight zone’.

The best way to do this is to use a  stick at least six foot long.

Then, you can stand in front of the horse  and tap his rear end with the long stick.

The horse’s natural reaction to being tapped on the rump, in the ‘flight zone’, is to move forward.

Every  horse needs at least one month of lessons before I even think about  tying him.

Please remember, no matter how strong you are, you can’t  physically pull a horse forward.

You must teach him every step of the  way.

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