Let Horses Be Horses

  Q:Would you, given large enough paddocks with safe fencing, run a group of eight horses as a single herd, or split into two or three (or more) smaller groups? If you split them, would you split by age/gender or have a mixture? Tara, via email Hi Tara, From your question, I can tell you … Read more

How Can I Calm My Hot Headed Thoroughbred

Question from a reader “I’d like your expert opinion about calming down a hot-headed TB. I have to keep him boxed at night as he gets staggers from the grass. I mostly work him every day but it’s hard to give him a full schooling session when he is so full-on. Some friends have suggested … Read more

My Mare Attacks Other Horses In Her Paddock

Q: Hi I have a question about mares…we’ve recently acquired a 12 year old TB mare (our first young mare). She is generally respectful and nice to handle. But she has major social issues with other horses – she simply cannot be in the same paddock as even through the fence any interaction with other … Read more

Is it Okay to Use Treats as a Reward

From Sharon What do you think about using food treats as rewards while training horses. Is it effective, or does it just turn them into pushy, demanding horses? Does it encourage them to start nipping for treats, which is what we were told at pony club? Hi Sharon It is okay to use treats as … Read more