How to Teach Your Horse to Back Up

Teaching a young horse to back up should always be one of the last things you do. Backing up is actually an extension of moving forward correctly and is quite an advanced movement for a horse. Though every young horse needs to be taught to back up, it must never be the first thing you … Read more

A Happy Agreement with your Horse

Many people have a happy agreement with their horse, whereby the rider is happy when their horse mostly does as they ask for most of the time. Whether they ride in an arena, in a paddock, down the road or on the trail, many people are happy to simply arrive at their destination. They don’t … Read more

Straight Talk for You and Your Horse

The aim of every rider should be to have their horse confident and relaxed and moving forward with straightness. This doesn’t mean that your horse moves in a straight line. Neither does it mean that your horse keeps his body straight. Straightness means that your horse is relaxed and confident and moving forward with an … Read more

Using Sticks and Spurs Correctly is Not Cruel

Many people have an unjustified prejudice against the use of sticks and spurs in horse training. They think that sticks and spurs are cruel and are used to punish a horse and ‘show him who’s boss’, and therefore should never be used on any horse. Some people believe that horses are naturally afraid of sticks … Read more

How to Teach Your Horse to Give

Giving is a state of mind. It’s not a physical condition whereby a horse carries his head low and feels soft in your hand. When a horse is ‘giving’ it means he’s relaxed, listening, moving forward and trying his hardest for you. To teach a horse to give, he must first be taught to move … Read more

Mouthing a Horse

There’s a misconception in the horse world that you need to do something to a horse’s mouth or nose so that he’ll stop or turn. In fact, I’m often asked how I ‘mouth’ a young horse. My answer is always the same, “I’ve never been able to teach any horse’s mouth anything.” There’s no process … Read more