101 Uses for Your Most Valuable Training Tool

The first thing I do with every horse is go to him and rub his head. I teach him that life is easy and pleasant when he has his head with me. This is the most important thing you can teach any horse.

Next, I teach her to stand and keep her head with me when I stand alongside her.

If she’s worried, she knows that the best thing to do is stand and keep her head with me.

This lesson forms the basis of everything you ever want to teach any horse.

The standing lesson is used to handle this mare’s legs for the first time.

I always start with a head rub, then the standing lesson.

When I mount for the first time, this mare stands and keeps her head with me, instead of rushing off or bucking.

This mare has been taught the same thing. The first time she has a rider on her back, she simply stands, keeps her head with me and waits for me to dismount.

When the saddle is first introduced, it’s the same simple solution.

Stand and keep her head with me, instead of rushing away or bucking.

This is her first time with the saddle and rider.

Although she’s worried, she looks for relief by standing and keeping her head with me.

Rubbing a horse’s head can also be used to teach him to step over obstacles and to load him into a trailer.

Rubbing a horse’s head can be used to make every horse easy to catch.

This mare happily comes to me because she knows it’s always easy and pleasant to be with me.

Rubbing a horse’s head is your most valuable training tool.

It doesn’t cost anything and it’s never too late to start.

So what are you waiting for?

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