Humans Are One Sided Not Horses

The near-side of a horse is his left hand side when you’re sitting on his back. His off-side is his right hand side. It’s ingrained into most horse people that horses should always be handled from the near-side. We’re told to always approach and catch a horse from the near-side and to saddle, bridle and … Read more

How to Load a Horse Into a Trailer

Loading a horse into a trailer should never be a confrontation where the horse is chased and frightened and pressure is applied until the horse eventually rushes in. Before you even think about trailer loading, every horse must be taught that it’s always easy and pleasant to step forward to you and to keep his … Read more

How to Handle a Horse’s Legs

Way back in 1989, I did an exhibition at the California State Fair in Sacramento. I was the four o’clock show every day, for eighteen days. At the Fair I met Tad Griffith, one of the greatest trick riders the world has ever seen. Every day, Tad put on a fantastic Wild West show, complete … Read more

A Catching Story

Below is a call for help that came via my Facebook page. For privacy reasons I’ve changed the person’s name. However, nothing ever changes when it comes to catching horses. … “Hi Neil. I’m sure you get a million messages a day, but I’m praying you will respond. We have recently purchased a lovely 12yo … Read more

You Must Concentrate on Your Horse

My mother has a small companion dog named Lilly. When mum takes her for a walk, Lilly decides where they go and how fast they go. Mum allows Lilly to stop and sniff under shrubs, walk across the driveway to talk to a neighbour and generally walk wherever and however the little dog chooses. Mum … Read more

Catching an Unhandled Horse

There’s a big difference between a horse doing as you ask and half doing as you ask. This includes catching an unhandled horse for the first time. It should never take weeks or months to catch an unhandled horse. Sneaking around a frightened horse for weeks on end isn’t good for the horse or the … Read more

Which Halter Should I Use?

My recent visit to the US made me realise how ingrained bad training ideas have become. Unfortunately, so many of these beliefs are accepted far and wide. Ideas like you must become your horse’s leader and you must gain his respect have been marketed for the last thirty years. Thinking like this leads to many … Read more

My Horse Bites. What Can I Do?

When a horse lays his ears back and bites, the handler invariably moves out of the way and yells “No” or “Don’t bite” or something similar. After all, people don’t want to be bitten. Then, a few seconds later, the handler hits at the horse. The horse knows this is coming and may ‘counter punch’ … Read more